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Founded in 2002, Geo Therm Ltd has a proven track record in providing quality surveys to the Marine, Offshore Oil & Gas and shored based industries. Geo Therm Ltd is delighted to hold the Safe Contractor and IS0-9001 certifications, proving Geo Therm Ltd’ dedication to health and safety in the work place environment and ability to maintain internationally recognised quality management systems.

Maritime – Cruise Ships to Super Yachts

By using non-invasive, non contact thermal imaging cameras, Geo Therm Ltd can safely detect adverse temperature anomalies and failing equipment by its heat signature improving safety, time and money by locating equipment failure before sailing, and used during sea trials and commissioning . With friendly, experienced and highly trained personnel, Geo Therm Ltd can offer our services to super tankers and cruise ships, and the super yacht market, tailoring each survey to meet ship Class requirement and PM need.

Commercial, Industrial & Domestic Buildings

Thermographic surveying doesn’t have to happen just on existing buildings, it can be completed on new builds and refurbished buildings. By using the latest heat sensitive infrared camera technology Geo Therm Ltd can provide the reassurance that their property performs to the specifications of the architect and planners, confirming or disproving continuity of thermal insulation is over the whole visible envelope. We can also locate where energy (heat) is being lost to the environment, water leaks in under floor heating systems, cold bridging, damp and mold growth amongst many other concerning issues. Geo Therm Ltd inspections will provide surveys which will help you and improve your building efficiency and comfort levels to be at its best.

Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms, FPSO’s & Drilling Rigs

Geo Therm Ltd is a member to the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC); where we aspire to meet the goals, providing qualified and experienced offshore Thermograghers with an oil and gas background. The equipment used is top of the range, identifying adverse temperature anomalies symptomatic with failing components, so improving upon safety and prevention of catastrophic losses and downtime.

Geo Therm Ltd also supply and retro-fit DNV & ABS type approved thermal infrared inspection windows for safe visual inspections and annual thermographic surveys into high voltage switchboards and distribution equipment, permitting safe viewing of energised equipment without the threat of arc flash or electrocution.

Geo Therm Ltd is always striving to improve the services provided to clients. We strongly believe that social media will also help us to create a meaningful relationship with clients. Social media provides Geo Therm Ltd the tools to share with its community updates of what the company is currently undertaking and safety issues our clients will benefit from . Geo Therm Ltd is actively posting on; Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. Find us at: